This is the type of lawsuit that leads me to want to pull my remaining hairs out of my head.


This case stems from the actions of La Shonda Crozier Richards who pushed her two children off the balcony of the downtown Civil Court Building and then jumped to her death on December 20th of last year. 


The lawsuit is being brought by the husband, Davon Lamont Richards, who claims that the county was negligent in that it did not put up a barricade that would have prevented his wife from pushing her children and following them herself.


Mr. Richards has decided that the correct approach to this situation is to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the county. 


Does Mr. Richards think that Mrs. Richards could not have found another high building from which to do what she did?  This is one case where the venue that Mrs. Richards chose to do what she did is not at fault.  Had she not done so from the top of the Civil Courts Building, Mrs. Richards would have found another tall building.


This is the kind of case that gives some personal injury lawyers a bad name, and causes non-lawyers to shake their collective heads when looking at our judicial system.  How can Mr. Richards claim that a barricade would have prevented his wife’s actions?  It wasn’t the building’s fault!  It wasn’t the fact that there is no barricade!  La Shonda Richards was ready to die and unfortunately took their children with her.


If someone wants to slit their wrists, and the first knife doesn’t work, it won’t take him long to find a second knife.  Similarly, if an individual can’t get to one freeway overpass,  there are plenty of freeway overpasses from which to jump. If a person walks in front of a car and it stops in time, the individual can find another car to walk in front of. 


The point here is that to sue the County of Los Angeles in this case is a pitiful attempt to go after a deep pocket when there is no one else to sue.  Unfortunately, there is always a lawyer who will take a case like this.  While I do not agree with the British system in which the loser pays the winner’s fees and expenses, cases like this are enough to get me to reconsider.